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InDitect CS Spell Check Mac OS X 1.7

InDitect CS Spell Check Mac OS X 1.7

Screenshots of InDitect CS Spell Check Mac OS X

InDitect CS Spell Check Mac OS X Publisher's Description

Unbenanntes Dokument Professional Spell Check for InDesign using the Dieckmann method
InCopy and InDesign users can now benefit from the high quality of Dieckmann’s method for spell check.

The Highlights
  • Highest accuracy: InDitect uses an internal dictionary with a huge amount of words for each languages. This immense vocabulary is complemented by the specific Dieckmann algorithms for different word endings and compound words.

  • More error types: InDitect recognizes, for example, erroneously capitalized words: "Please write Clearly..."

  • Configurable Suggested Corrections list: InDitect allows users to define different levels of qualities for the suggestion list: less words being „almost“ the same or more words having more correction options.

  • Full InCopy support: InDitect is compatible also to InCopyCS and InCopy CS2. That’s why you can accomplish maximum spelling quality using editorial workflow systems as well.

  • With InDitect, spelling errors will decrease considerably. Your readers will appreciate it!

30 languages
InDitect is available in more than 30 languages. It covers all prevalent central- european languages like English, German, French and Spanish, as well as some slavic languages like Polish or Slovak and even some exotic ones like Afrikaans or Bahasa Malaii/Indonesia.

30 years of experience
The German engineer Frank Dieckmann has been developing and refining his methods to find out the right spelling for words. Thanks to close cooperation with leading publishing houses all over the world and constant improvement and development, his methods now have an outstanding quality and meet the highest quality requirements. This has been confirmed in may tests conducted by customers as well as by computer journals.

How it works
InDitect is based on a huge vocabulary in each available language – up to several millions of words being delivered in strongly compressed file. This is complemented by a real highlight:
a specific method to recognize word endings and word combinations.

Detailed error messages
The actual highlight of InDitect are the number of different kinds of errors and the adjustable quality of the Suggested Corrections list. Unlike other spell check software, InDitect also recognizes, for example, wrong lower case spelling. After having detected a misspelled word, InDitect causes InDesign to flag this word, and makes a certain number of suggestions for correct spelling. Unlike other spell check software, the length and thus the quality of this suggestion list is user-adjustable: you might prefer a short list with suggestion that ?nearly? match the misspelled word, or you might prefer a longer list with max. 20 suggestions to have more choices.

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